Zhang Pengye interpretation of oil painting,realistic state of mind language

25/11/2013 16:49


Zhang Pengye interpretation of oil painting,realistic state of mind language

Contemporary art is the most attention is the custom oil painting contemporary people's real life state, this state of both physical and mental, is from humanistic care consciousness to interpret the existence of social reality. In the condition of complex social reality, people's thought and status is distorted, many people choose to face, there are also many people chose to escape. Whether they choose which one, that is the expression of a real life state of mind, they are also to the society with his own mind language convey the inner need.
Zhang Pengye the recent series of bicycle is selected the best with characteristic of Chinese traffic tools, bicycle as his artistic thought and the carrier of language expression. For a variety of people riding a bicycle in the busy city of grey zone, they hurry to appear in a hurry and nervous, look confused and slightly dull. They all in rush about for their dreams, to work, life or study. The social reality itself has deep metaphor in the inside, the artist yet in the picture has been added to our common life necessities such as spoons, plates, bowls, forks and knives, the artist's work had a deeper connotation in it. Two seemingly unrelated to a piece of material fusion, seemingly disordered, actually ordered, enough to make people in the interpretation of the artist's works, it is easier to find a resonance and point. Materialistic, spiritual decadence in today's society, the lack oil painting reproductions of the pursuit of the reality of it is easy to get lost among them, the artists in the face of such a heavy subject, is to use the comparison on art processing and lively colour quietly elegant, opened a very transparent to the audience of the art space, will be the fountain of social reality and their own individual experience is very good with their own art language to depict, picture seemingly calm type are calm, but in fact the artist is to serve as a foil to the figure with the calm heart is not calm, with a kind of playing hard to get the artistic technique of expression of inner true tale to mining, seemingly weak image language is also because the reader at this time for the social reality of thoughts and emotions into became stronger, but also played a "silent sound" artistic effect, and we need most is in reality the suddenly hit the voice of nature. Works from Zhang Pengye composition, color, style, the management point of view, the artist's most attention and the most memorable or its picture shows sharp artistic language and unique individual character, the source of the expression capability I think more is an artist in the creation of the result of practice and experiment.
Any kind of art is to make a sound, whether it's a trickle of miss eve language or face a voice call, are in the message to the world a thoughtful and practical problem, nothing more than some people communicate is a surface phenomenon, but some artists convey real social state of people mind language, sometimes this mind language don't need to go to the art of expression of positive expression and explanation, more is to use common heart to feel each other. This is Zhang Pengye works convey to us a kind of instinct and creative art context

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