Yu hong is Chinese contemporary big sister and hero in oil painting field

06/11/2013 00:09

Yu hong is Chinese  contemporary big sister and hero in oil painting field

said by famous artist Chen

Her work reflects a woman for life, emotion, behavior, and the process of quiet and careful feelings and care.
For Chinese contemporary art, has always been custom family portrait painting controversial voices will be heard - ordinary people and even a lot of professional traditional critics for its many new techniques, new standard unfamiliar and hard to understand. And the market price of the contemporary art is soaring in the constant controversy, this is really a problem that many people are confused. But with the deepening of the financial crisis, the price of many contemporary art appeared a "roller coaster" type of slide, these phenomena also let many people to doubt their taste and value. With the above problems, we had an interview with yu hong.
Well-known painter yu hong
The most important domestic solo exhibition in 2009
Starting from the guangdong museum of art
Guangzhou daily: borrow to previous schema is the custom couple portrait painting commonly used gimmick of contemporary art. But for non-professional reader, this technique is strange and difficult to understand. Why can you talk about at this time, chose this trick?
Yu hong (hereinafter referred to as yu) : when I first see the dao lian figure is supposed to be a teenager, was very like it, but there is no special study. I think it is related to age, then think of ancient things far away from me, and I have nothing to do; Then there is the early 1980 s, influenced by western art, emphasis on individual consciousness, regard traditional are all dead. As the growth of the age, oneself also drew so many years, when those concepts, ideas, or fashion trend in the past when you ask yourself: what the hell am I like? Western emphasis on personality, that personality are the most priceless, need make public. But this thing -- a man's life is limited for decades, the accumulation of things with several hundred years, generations of people accumulate things are not the same. Can and tradition down a conversation I feel quite pleased

return oil painting works. After the court hearing, in shenyang two newspapers, all at the same time appeared close to a version of the oil painting advertisement, content or the painting, the transfer floor oil painting price of $20.06 million, same as no Dong Guoli name