Yi road landscape - Chang Shijiang imagery oil painting scenery solo exhibition

24/12/2013 16:11


Yi road landscape - Chang Shijiang imagery oil painting scenery solo exhibition

Sponsored by the visual classic art museum in Beijing, xu beihong art academies art research institute, Beijing new age media investment co., LTD.,masterpiece oil painting by hand painted china to undertake "yi scenery - Chang Shijiang image oil painting scenery solo exhibition" at 3 p.m. on April 11, 2012, visual classic art gallery for the opening ceremony in Beijing, the exhibition exhibited paintings often the creation of more than 40 works meticulously, jiang is relatively concentrated reflects his for many years engaged in painting art achievement. Mr Chang Shijiang in line with the spirit of "imagery" "natural imitation" "borrow habitat creation" sketch concept, adhering to the "tao, the elite of Chinese and foreign culture from Chinese and foreign master of god, the spirit of enlightenment world mountains and rivers, longing between scenery - canvas - soul" insist on painting for many years, "from entry to the". Its oil painting visual unique; Advance concept; Bold color, gorgeous, elegant; Picture atmosphere, elegant! Painting language alone into a system; Rates with high quality, intriguing, work in a big way, the exhibition will continue until April 25.
Chang Shijiang born in 1967 in shandong rizhao, graduated from northeast normal university academy of fine arts, Beijing painting association member, is currently in Beijing, professional painter. 05 graduation in "the Chinese oil painting" the seventh ist "human landscape painting workshop", and then was admitted to renmin university of China art academy graduate courses and provincial "" the 4th oil painting creation. Baishan blackwater gave birth to his temperament, also gave his artistic temperament, give the basic motif of his artistic creation. His early landscapes based on changbai mountain scenery, a book, a grass mountain lies, all through the heroic passion. This kind of wild, free and easy, and sincere style of painting, though Chang Shijiang early formed its own style. He wrote in the wild nature in the process, in fact, the face is not only a objective scenery, but the source of extraction of the required elements and database, three-dimensional wave field information constantly is the visual impact, soul, the soul reveling in real state! There is a feeling of crossing, let his heart be like in the object, image, between the conversion. custom house portrait painting USA In his works can be seen in the deformation of trees, deep mountains and flowing cloud, most of the houses of nature scene, high and low, near and far, they turn into music rhythm highlights in the picture, the picture, like music, also like a dream.
On Chang Shijiang picture color, the picture absorbed a large number of traditional Chinese painting, and the elements of western modern art, more tend to be subjective, at the same time learned the master nabi pie boehner light, color and picture in the form of processing, image gray's grasp, the relationship between subject and object and space processing, impressionist after van gogh brush strokes and strong subjective color expression emotion world shock effect, high more with colour haggard and rational and symbolic, to express the beauty of the inner world, Matisse frame structure, color and psychology

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