Where Russian oil painting appreciation space is,give advice of art collectors

12/12/2013 15:13


Where Russian oil painting appreciation space is,give advice of art collectors

We have in the past "why Russian paintings popular with Chinese people" and "why Russian oil prices soaring, etc. The article discussed the Russian oil painting in the development of our country walking on the thermal process. Then, in the cultural market in China, the Russian oil painting appreciation space and qualitative focus where is it?
In fact, is keen to collect the Russian painting is not only fine arts. Because our country the old painter painting are influenced by the former Soviet union oil paintings, Russian oil painting compared with western painting is more suitable for our country the public's appreciation taste. With the popularity of modern and contemporary art, the public from another point of view to re-examine the realism art, the former Soviet union and Russia and in line with the Russian of contemporary painting, find its special meaning and sense of identity.
In recent years, the value of the Russian oil painting gradually get the art market both at home and abroad welcomed. From the point of the international market, at sotheby's (weibo) and Christie's auction, clinch a deal the price of Russian oil painting and sell-through rate continue to be refreshed. At home, Russian oil painting began to enter the market in the early 1990 s, the mid - 90 - s, our country the first Russian oil painting, the whole sell-through rate is only 45% or so, opening bid only for thousands of yuan, works like a master price is in 10000 yuan to 20000 yuan only. In 2004 Beijing chengxin host of contemporary Russian painting an original high-quality goods auction, the entire sell-through rate reached 65%, especially in the former Soviet union exploits artist maxi "qi baishi old man with 350000 yuan of dropping the hammer," DaChun field - series China "clinch a deal for $1.32 million, created the personal works auction the highest sales record in China. Aleko history nico's portrait of the artist "also clinchs a deal with RMB 1 million. 2005 Beijing HanHai spring tentatively launched 10 Russian painting works, including the famous painter went soff, wave train panov and others works, including repin's 1886 "portrait" appraisal 800000 reach 800000 yuan, clinch a deal valence achieved 1.76 million yuan, the highest in the Russian oil painting auction market in the mainland. And elegant Bob long, works of the park corner also clinchs a deal with 253000 yuan, nearly 10 years, 10 to 50 times. The status of the Russian oil painting is recognized throughout the world, in China art market expansion, the Russian oil painting has great potential. But even so, Russia especially the master painter's paintings are still far lower than the international painting auction price,wedding portrait painting by hand painted even lower than the prices of some Chinese painter.
Today, the Russian art market prices are relatively low, Russia's economy is gradually recovery, its development speed and potential will be explosive, in this case, the Russian oil painting will also with the international art market to have a great appreciation of space, the status of the Russian oil painting will be widely recognised worldwide, in China art market expansion, the Russian oil painting has more bigger space and appreciation potential. Sale and collection of the current domestic oil painting market prospects are very bullish on and optimism, especially the realistic painting painting style has been popular.
Russia's oil painting is a great potential, experts point out that not all works has collection value. Should choose to collect or have visibility and influence of the painter, to look for the big title when collection investment, because of big brand is a symbol of exquisite art and broad appreciation of space. Russia, with profound traditional painting has a large number of painters group, should choose those who have high visibility and influence of the painter, especially focus on who won people's artist, service member of artists, even the title of "hero" painter.
Moreover special need to mention that since Russia's top painter works tend to flow to the west, and in recent years, the Russian government for Russian art adopted tariff-free entry or exit to art institutions for the specific identification, tax and other policies, thus able to enter the Chinese market's top painter's works is very little,custom couple portrait painting USA once met, don't be hesitate, otherwise I am afraid no chance.
Against the status quo, mudanjiang news painting and relying on the "Russian painter o China mudanjiang creative base" of the unique advantages, with the aid of art exchange, and other forms and channels, continuously introduce signing painters of the new product, work, in the sun island state guesthouse invited for heilongjiang province government and the beidahuang group of large oil painting at the same time, the mudanjiang news painting and 500 square meters exhibition hall, tasting the Russian oil painting history of one thousand years, experience the artistic appeal of realism and realism, has become the art lovers and collectors attachment lives, a lot of such as Beijing, Shanghai, fujian association of foreign languages and the client made a special trip to the choose and buy, taste the shearing section.at the size of the "visual feast

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