Upcoming charm Tibetan contemporary artists exhibition contemporary ethnic minority culture

28/11/2013 22:08


Upcoming charm Tibetan contemporary artists exhibition contemporary ethnic minority culture

"Charm Tibet -- by contemporary artists exhibition" the opening exhibition on September 17, 2011, then held at national art museum of China, the campaign by Beijing to taste the culture media co., LTD. The main planning and organizing, China national art academies, jointly organized by the Tibet autonomous region people's government information office, the exhibition brings together by the China national art academies the strength of the oil painting school invited 30 national YouHuaJie painter, which contains ten Tibetan painter, painters sketch subject matter wide-ranging in Tibet, custom oil painting from china oil painting supplier with different Angle of view and the artistic technique of expression, display a colorful new Tibet. "Charm Tibetan contemporary artists exhibition" at the same time also got the first generation of domestic famous painter's strong support, with never see the Tibetan theme collection and classic, as a royal exhibition of works. The exhibition time until September 27, 2011.
Tibetan theme painting has experienced of the 20th century 30, 40 s, 50 s, 60 s development, to enter the important turning period, in the late 70 s, 80 s continuously toward prosperity, has become an important part of modern and contemporary art creation in China. By as much as its creators, reach a of the rich connotation and forms of diversity is any other genre painting creation incomparable. Tibet themes in painting and its contemporary photography, literature, music, film and television works together build up a magnificent cultural scenery, blend in contemporary mainstream culture, and evolved into a symbol, is often the focus, appeared on the video of contemporary culture.
Is located in the frontier "Tibet" is not only a geographical concept, but a special spiritual connotation of cultural symbols. The 20th century, along with the progress of The Times, people more close to Tibet, the painter into snow area, as the home of arts, linger, who was there, even with the Tibetan compatriots solidarity. Snow area plateau touched a nerve of painters sensitive thick soil, full with enthusiasm of their chests, they are far away from the noisy earth secluded spot exploration of the qinghai-tibet plateau, with artist peculiar keen to capture those who make emotion catharsis, the scene of a spiritual solace and describe it by heart. Their works or sacred, or simple dignified, have a kind of hard to the beauty of the words.
Main: China national academies, the Tibet autonomous region people's government information office and the Tibet autonomous region artists association
Master plan to undertake: Beijing to taste the culture media co., LTD
Show time: on September 17, 2011-27, location: national art museum of China five layers
The opening ceremony: 14:00, on September 17, 2011, location: China art gallery
Research going: on September 17, 2011, news in location: China art gallery, four layers
The number one exhibition address: Beijing dongcheng district May 4th street
Painter: Zhang Zuying, CiRenDuoJi, Roman abramovich, Zhao Kaikun, Luo Lang, Yang Xueguang, Mao Daizong, Wang Hui, BaoZeWei, wang kun, Wang Zhiping, GeSangCiRen, west hot nut and beautiful red columns, Bai Yuping, Zhang Liping, Ren Chuanwen, XinDongWang, flourishing tashi, ma Lin, just let know when, in the morning, tsering zhuoma, Li Jiangfeng, Lu Zongde, soman, Zheng Le (28 painter, hundred works

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