Since more than a decade ago creation of oil painting "growth record" to reflect what intention?

06/11/2013 00:12

Since more than a decade ago creation of oil painting "growth record" to reflect what intention?

Yu: growth, personal growth, grow - this means there will be a lot of problem? I think it is quite interesting. Growth is not a personal thing, related to society is, individuals can actually?
Guangzhou daily: you seem to have been passionate custom wedding portrait painting about the rack realistic painting?
Yu: I'm interested in the material has been, but still basically in the category of plane. I think for now the arts easel painting, realistic painting, etc., is a small one category in the contemporary era. Behavior art, device and multimedia occupies the main part. Painting is relatively weak. But because I like painting, painting at an early age, is I'm pretty good at things. I hope here find more head of may, so think can do a lot.
Guangzhou daily: want to have more breakthroughs?
Yu: would you like to make more attempts, but hadn't thought of what specific to break through, a lot of things you won't deliberately to breakthrough tend to break through, most of the time is all about chance.
Guangzhou daily: the financial crisis impact on custom pet portrait painting the price of your work? What do you think the current collection market?
Yu: overall art may affect both the price of my current impact is not big, in the long run will certainly have an impact. Art is more of a financial market, now need to learn economic person to discuss this thing. Collection because I like the things in the past, and then take home at least want to hang, many collections in the warehouse, after passed on to future generations. Now the art collection from the collection of the day, it is not because of love, but out of appreciation for its expectations, I think nature has changed

return oil painting works. After the court hearing, in shenyang two newspapers, all at the same time appeared close to a version of the oil painting advertisement, content or the painting, the transfer floor oil painting price of $20.06 million, same as no Dong Guoli name