Painter Yang Linchuan exhibited in liuhe in nanjing international HuaGuCun his paintings

02/12/2013 17:00


Painter Yang Linchuan exhibited in liuhe in nanjing international HuaGuCun his paintings

On December 1st, world AIDS day, the painter Yang Linchuan choice on this day, in liuhe in nanjing international HuaGuCun, showing off their 9 CheFu big, the scale is big picture "sex oil painting". Human sex is described by using brushes, some more detailed to the sensitive parts of the body, such as painting,masterpiece oil painting by hand painted china look a few challenges people's psychological endurance.
"Why are you always so controversial? Reporter interviewed him, could not help but ask. "Because of one's life passed quickly, I think when I live free point, follow one's inclinations point", the "struggle for many years, a naked fame", was branded a "nude model of" title of the painter replied.
A HIV/AIDS was demonized, sex was demonized
Reporter: I heard you this batch of works were to be exhibited in Beijing, why change now in nanjing?
Yang: because want to catch the world AIDS day this day. Was the day exhibition in Beijing, but I show after a month, organisers suddenly tell me the time delay, temporary for a reason. I can't accept, I hope I can catch my painting on display in the day. O.k., nanjing international HuaGuCun friend helped me.
Reporter: what is the relationship between the paintings with AIDS?
Yang: AIDS was demonized, sex was demonized. I think through these paintings tell everyone: want to eliminate HIV/AIDS, the premise is, make sex aboveboard. Rather than as a thief, sneaking around it is not safe!
Reporter: the paintings have model?
Yang: yes, Sun Long know? He is the world's best model contest 2008 national finals runner-up, he will come to my exhibition cut the ribbon.
Reporter: so, the pictures have a prototype?
Yang: yes! You see this picture, it is based on the story of the educated youth. This is an old educated youth subei, now more than 60 years old. Eat when he said he to the countryside, also is not good, wearing also is bad, but because with a female educated youth good, again bitter day all feel is sweet, and then, don't want to back to grab the opportunity. That was a wonderful feeling of youth, it touched me, when I was in painting, deliberately showed that tension, boy holding the girl's hand, feel pinched detonation.
B how fire sora aoi! These paintings instead see not?
Reporter: so detailed performance of sex, but the average person to accept?
Yang: humans have this event, I'm just doing the chronicler of this event. I upload the two works on the blog, 300000 people, of course, more criticism. I don't understand this, these people look so happy even sora aoi, instead see not these pictures? Do you want to, how fire sora aoi! Also, these pictures, in the film and television, why can't accept exhibition? Since the founding of the people, never open sex theme exhibition, why not make one?
Reporter: Mr Seemingly Fu Xiaoshi painted some this kind of painting, are also exhibited.
Y: but that is the traditional Chinese painting, treatment is also implicitly. I this is the big picture, 2 meters 2 x 1 m 7. A total of 12 pieces, the organizers shot 3 picture after review, said size is too large. Kill off paintings, there is a picture of America 100 years ago old photos. To tell the truth, all my own work of scale is the scale of the human, some scenes in the film "lust, caution", is a large scale. And online advertising, packaging yellow on the screen, why people can turn a blind eye?
Reporter: that is a commodity, you this is art.
Yang: what is the difference between goods and art? My picture you when the goods ready, I also want to sell. I am a painter,custom wedding portrait painting from photos I draw a meal.
Reporter: you this what is the difference between art and pornography?
Yang: for example, yan zhao door, social identity is pornography, but I draw out, is art! I use the brush records is the thing itself, rather than the bed and Cecilia cheung Edison Chen huan. I am not interested in their love, I am interested in is they have sex, why will make our society have an orgasm? Everybody infectious, while watching the side scold, why is there such a big sensation?
C don't want others to support me, but time will give me
Reporter: why are you always so controversial? For a while to students when a nude model, for a moment be nude model, now again so out of line drawing pictures.
Yang: human life passed quickly, I think when I live free point, follow one's inclinations.
Reporter: you're tinkering with bai!
Yang: yeah! I do things, no matter what, we all want to achieve the perfection of personal. I'm ambitious, I hope someone can remember my work after 100.
Reporter: it seems you are famously said that now I admit that, as long as no impact to the society.
Yang: "it is not. Words are: I again what is the effect of abnormal society? I'm a painter, but as long as the society is not abnormal condition! I don't want others to support me, or understand me, but believe that time will give me a statement, the value of my work, my value, you will understand, but not now. You think about it, at first poster appeared half-naked girls, so the whole society, but now, who will make a fuss? If you put my picture as a tool of reality, it is not everything. Will someone know me the meaning of these works.
Reporter: it seems that you this dean "nude model" hat is not picked out. Although you have now resigned, but everyone a report, or want to bring "dean bare die"

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