Nude model paintings of principal characters like actress caused a sensation

05/12/2013 11:49


Nude model paintings of principal characters like actress caused a sensation

Last year blockbuster "dean bare die" Yang Linchuan, nude oil painting exhibition held in nanjing international HuaGuCun again this year sparked controversy. Netizen has, suspected a number of female stars become Yang Linchuan heroine in oil painting. Yang Linchuan henan business newspaper reporter interview, said he did not consider the when writing they say star face, it's just the audience's feelings and impressions.
Netizen has Yang Linchuan the creation of painting more content to reflect the opposite sex, same-sex love, oil painting studio offer top portrait painting there is a man and a woman, two women and a male and two female and male, most images directly exposed sensitive parts of the body, large scale of unprecedented.
Witnesses said that the characters in the painting with the star of the familiar faces, like Cecilia cheung, liu xiaoqing, Sun Feifei, etc. The actress Cecilia cheung spirit alike have a painting, and the protective hands, face is blurred, standing around all sorts of look in the eyes of the onlookers.
Yang Linchuan move caused attention has more than once. Last year, as the faculty of arts and sciences dean Yang Linchuan, nanjing zhongshan in the case of a late model, when the mannequins for the students on their own, and at that time controversial.
Yesterday morning, the henan business newspaper reporter contacted Yang Linchuan. He said it was to rest, don't want to say more nude painting. Yang Linchuan said, "I feel very tired these days, again afraid said too much easy to be misunderstood."
For the net friend mentioned the characters in the picture have a star face, Yang Linchuan says, "oil painting things said nothing more, is a normal thing in the art category. As a creator, I focus on the background is a big event, will not go to ask some details. As for you said she like somebody, that can only be the audience feel."
Also netizens questioned Yang Linchuan exploit this works in the hype, Yang Linchuan listened very said angrily, "why do I want to hype? Last year, I give students as a model, originally very normal thing, also have a lot of people say I hype. I tell you, these things out before, I've been famous. I wrote on his blog, often have tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of hits."
Some painters "sex" the subject at home painting works, is not used for display. Why Yang Linchuan on public display, and a little high? Yang Linchuan said, "I'm just faithfully record the human that something is not carry forward the sex, not criticism, I'm not a creator, I'm a chronicler, my work is just expressed my thinking of human nature. Sex does not need the furtive, I take pride in my work."
In fact, the oil painting exhibition of Yang Linchuan turns during preparation. In the beginning, Beijing Yang Linchuan want to oil painting exhibition, was later told that "premature", nanjing international HuaGuCun had to do it. Yang Linchuan tells a reporter, "I have no retreat, try to go to Beijing for exhibition in the future."
On the network platform, custom pet portrait by hand painted in china Yang Linchuan painting surrounded by two views. Critics said, "this is not art, is rubbish". Supporters say, "a thinking, expression is good also.
Online debate focused on - to China's national conditions, so bold and progressive "sex" oil paintings exhibited optimum inappropriate? Is the painter's erotic or under the guise of porn art?
Directed against the star face painting, a lawyer said "if without permission, the others as sex paintings may violate the law. These works of art itself is not illegal, but may have suspected of infringing the star image rights."
Yang Linchuan more than once, "I don't go to focus on a star, they just appear in the small details of a big event. This also can saying is infringement of image rights? Last year my nude, widely spread all over the place, I didn't really want to protect the image rights, who protect me?"
Involves the star, most is not willing to respond to "was used for oil painting naked protagonist" topic. Cecilia cheung's new Asia entertainment brokerage company staff said, "if the affect us (Cecilia cheung), we will take measures.

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