North Korean painting show unique flavor,nearly hundred pieces of contemporary art at Shanghai

15/11/2013 16:05


North Korean painting show unique flavor,nearly hundred pieces of contemporary art at Shanghai

Recently, the "Korean culture art exhibition" in custom oil painting Shanghai poly RongXuan 56 museum of art, attracted a large crowd to watch. The exhibition presents the Korean contemporary art, including north Korea's oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, porcelain, embroidery, photography and so on hundred pieces, system shows the present situation of art.
Hook: historical theme painting in the mainstream
It is understood that since last July, north Korea for the first time in London's national gallery of contemporary art exhibition, after north Korea began to face the world of contemporary art. Yesterday's modern and contemporary oil painting exhibition "Korean culture art exhibition" otc decorated the current north Korea representative photographs. While gathering exhibition of oil paintings by north Korea's most famous artist cui liao, Jin Zhengtai, Jin Minghao works of the people, more than about sex work, including the north Korean people, during the invasion of the counterattack and economic construction in the early post-war period each revolution modernity record of social life, such as historical theme paintings reveal a kind of atmosphere heroism, painting subjects for the workers and order oil painting peasants, show a kind of simple life.
In addition, there are some mountains landscape painting has strong lyric flavor, show a kind of peace and quiet state of mind. Among them, the Cui Zhemin in 1993 described in "nature" is a masterpiece the landlord's land on the eve of liberation, the people use the scissors to own land cut up. The north white tiger creation club members of the painters' association (national) Xu Yinghao 1995 tax revolt of the Korean people, 50 years ago is also painted stories; A one meter wide, eight meters long curly north Korea picture will be one of the highlights of the show, shows the period of the north Korea naval grand...
North Korea international exhibition bureau representative Li Zongzhi introduction, north Korean modern oil painting creation is based on the beautiful scene and good life emotion, reflects the unique flavor of north Korea

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