Nanjing painter Yang Linchuan works:journal of peace flying expo

18/11/2013 18:52


Nanjing painter Yang Linchuan works:journal of peace flying expo

Nanjing painter Yang Linchuan oil painting "peace" flying yesterday shipment of Shanghai world expo the UN pavilion, this is also the UN pavilion first suspension of oil painting.
Yang Linchuan is nanjing famous musician, buy oil painting painter, his prose is popular. Reporters yesterday at the scene of the ceremony of shipment to see, "peace" flying two meters long, 1.5 meters wide, will be flying this traditional Chinese painting subjects to draw a new idea. Flying on the picture, a similar theme in the ancient traditional Chinese costume in the past, completely is a modern girl dress, beautiful, charming, sexy, and filled with age. In traditional painting, since Picasso doves, let the pigeons in the olive branch, and the olive branch in the painting, but to the lower left floating, almost all the pigeons, are chasing the olive branch. And flying movements and eye contact, also sends out a hope for peace. The picture below, the use of the traditional Chinese painting techniques in spring, looked like already busy city of skyscrapers silhouette, and like the steep peak of huangshan.
This kind of performance, the authors say, "is to cement the city's grand and nature guifushengong. Coincides with the expo theme of city, better life." According to Mr ChengBao deputy director of the Shanghai world cheap oil painting expo, the United Nations pavilion, the expo the UN pavilion in painting selection, received many traditional Chinese paintings, oil painting, the first suspension is Yang Linchuan "peace" flying. "Will choose this oil painting, the first is the author blend of traditional and modern, and creative in the painting is very good, with 6 pigeons and a modern modelling flying on behalf of the seven continents. That is in keeping with the UN pavilion should have the concept of 'world." ChengBao said, the theme of harmony in the whole painting is currently the world concern. Yang Linchuan, according to his own work to make the UN pavilion, the expo to feel quite a pleasure. "It took me two months time, borrowed from a large number of artists both at home and abroad, combined with creation, spent a total of 3 months or so." Yesterday afternoon, the "peace" flying also formally to the UN pavilion at the expo

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