Li Jiming oil painting art, follow painter heart true feelings

22/11/2013 23:21


Li Jiming oil painting art, follow painter heart true feelings

Sing is an expression of the heart of nature, this kind of singing have heroic facet, there are shallow sing softly and low poison, implies a custom portrait painting certain melancholy and sad at the same time. By him, of course, this kind of sentimental's chest and colour rushed and the meaning of the brush, the dilution. Obviously, Li Jiming borrowed from the western oil painting language to paint landscapes, flowers to communicate with the natural beauty of dialogue, to use oil paints pen attunements inner lingshan holy water, to express a heart full of piety and the fear of the art of painting XunMengZhe shrine. His painting is not the conceptual, but spiritual, emotional, but still have the spirit of yearning and the thought of words. Because he is obviously not to paint landscapes and scenery, go to the pursuit of the surface like the appearance of true and loss of spirit. Li Jiming has his inner desire, also has his affection and goal, his painting is given priority to with image expression, contains some abstract factors. His landscape painting as the creation of the motif, and with affection upon the glaze, under his brush, paint seems to have a strange magic, just like the traditional Chinese ink painting vivid and lively, the flow is natural, sincere, is full of context and poetic. In fact, the beauty of nature to give people the feeling is different, of course, its aesthetic pleasure may be consistent. But the essence of beauty is not necessarily just outward beautiful and artistic expression resembles, though beautiful and pet portrait resembles is one of the main characteristics of beauty. But on the day of the invention of photography, art can imitate attack, is gradually alienated, to the spirit of human emotion on the future of the arts and culture diversity practices and pursuit, and therefore our artistic creation requirements with the traditional cognitive and there has been a fundamental change. Art record and the ability to imitate nature and tapping with, today is no longer the only mission of art creation technique, is good at painting ", "save form in ancient times is the only absolutely and correct painting essence theory. But for the development of today's era, this can save form of attack is not the patent of painting already.
Li Jiming understands the change of history, is also familiar with the evolvement of ancient and modern art. But he does not cling to traditional, nor in the contemporary world a tiny hope to build their own mountains. But he tenderly in the oil painting scenery creation as a life the spirit of the target and emotional sustenance, and cultivated in this building now without any individual mind and ideal land, it is valuable, is also full of sincere feelings. In my opinion, Li Jiming to keep the natural scenery with childlike feelings, his landscape painting character, did not put on the authenticity of the external appearance, but emphasizes a kind of inner feelings, tells the inner feelings, his oil painting brush is flowing, internalization, filled with a tension of life, he USES the method of traditional Chinese art observation and performance method, to construct and express in the image of the heart in the heart of the pure land, his language is lyrical, picture handle is poetic, of course, the lyric poems selected has a low and stirring, there is a genuine artist life life feelings. Li Jiming oil painting color and bright color, not blindly application instead more gray and black, and on the chromatology, gray is a kind of mixed color, a variety of color composite, the thickness and depth of compound help picture language, gray is a kind of ambiguity, can make the meaning of the color play greater efficiency. Of course this is not deliberately destroyed those creative artists in bright colors. But there is no denying the fact that work is created bright bright color, easy to superficial, easy frivolous, therefore its work depth and meaning. Therefore, Li Jiming style reflects his cultural knowledge and value pursuit, vivid strokes, the expression of freedom, loving relationship, inner feelings always stumble with mountain and water of his heart, tree and stone, dream and the soul. His mountain feng has a spirit, "there are mountain spirit" two works, with solid clever pen, tone is deep, the frame building hold the inner tension, the mountain has a spirit has a pale thick state, filled with a mysterious poetic. "There are mountain spirit", which is a kind of ethereal flying the ink charm of poetry. In the blue and white landscape series, painter, with sweeping brush structure is a kind of strong and rugged mountains, imply some kind of expressionism. 11 "and 9", "landscape", "and 12" and so on works, artists fully use build consciousness to construct picture, color and composition of some abstract factors, it is clear that the painter to gain creative freedom of expression, to the heart of a shrine to the mountains and rivers, for the sake of art intrinsic character and meaning of sublimation, internalize deep inner feelings to written down only spoils was assigned in the construction of space. This space is the artist's spiritual space, mental space, is the spirit and culture in the space. Is the second nature of artists to create. I especially appreciate the scenery 12 this work. Composition of a picture, color, space, and cultural taste has something touched the heart inside, and the male of the stroke and color of deep, and the rocks split the generated picture, really let me feel Li Jiming construct the idea behind the personal art building, also feel his pious referred to under the good intention of artistic pursuit and spirit. In recent period, Li Jiming loving Yu Qinghua borrowed, let landscape in colour and form due to the interference of blue and white with a new meaning. Blue and white porcelain is the Chinese traditional cultural art of China, is one of the traditional lacquer bright and unique culture symbols. The choice of the color and the unique cultural spirit is a kind of Chinese cultural significance. Li Jiming spoony Yu Qinghua, not on the blue and white porcelain on the surface of the landscape insect fish repeat, not simply stick to the existing porcelain culture, but borrow tashan stone to build a new art space, make the traditional style of blue and white colour and lustre and scheme for the new freedom, resulting in painting the picture in the possibility of seeking some new development. Color, of course, be only external oil painting art a visual characteristics, but borrow and expression of it, could suggest that the artist's spiritual direction, can also lead to a new painting artist. Borrow not copying, of course, is not a copy, is not an element, but meaningful to absorb and meaningful. Is a kind of the colour language to composition mode and representation of the artists of the whole party to think and look at the unique contemplation and migration, it is personality and culture, is the heart is visual, of course, in terms of blue and white series, Li Jiming can walk how far, how can present a height, now still can't make a definite conclusion, but this step is valuable, believe that will give us a good ending.
I think Li Jiming is the kind of explorer has the artistic temperament, his works embody a kind of thinking about life, the art of thinking, thinking of culture in terms of this stage of his works, as mentioned above has many advantages, in the pursuit of artistic language and cultural character on can stumble to the art of personal thinking and imprints. But the pursuit of the art is endless, so I valued his future more bullish about his for the sake of the future, more looking forward to his future. This, we look forward to the time of reply. Waiting for the evaluation of time

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