In the old oil painting collection,there are a lot of experiences make Xu Guowei aftertaste

24/12/2013 16:00


In the old oil painting collection,there are a lot of experiences make Xu Guowei aftertaste

Every collection experience is a story, every pieces of turnover and contains a lot of. In 1999, an accidental opportunity, he got a friend from nanjing xu beihong "small town", that is the first of his collection of "old paintings", but for various reasons, then changed hands. This as an opportunity, he is unstoppable, start from the treasured works around the "old painting" buy hid in succession, including sketches, nearly 30 western painting works of xu beihong, including xu beihong in Germany in 1922, the creation of oil painting "David plaster model". In general cognition, "David plaster model" the theme is common in sketch paper, in the form of painting to express the comparatively rare. Painting in 2001, since Mr Xu beihong's secretary Huang Yanghui daughter purchased, the collection today.
Xu Guowei is introduced, and the other a more precious collection, is the earliest known as Mr Liu haisu only oil painting "little girl". This picture is a fine around the age of 16, while I was a student with plain brush strokes we can understand the basis of achievement a master, it is indispensable to his complete art life the first step on the green. Through the comparison of early and late paintings, to witness the growth of a master.
Collectors friends know Xu Guowei love "old paintings", whenever there is a good work there will inform. Especially in 2003, he set up in Shanghai when she lent gallery, coincided with the Shanghai old city reconstruction, once appear a large number of excellent work "old oil painting", not seeking is a rare chance. "At that time, few people buying, could somehow by some force of traction, or is my own to collect old painting 'have an almost instinctive feeling and love, with respect to old painter, through friends introduction built up." Xu Guowei is introduced. YanWenLiang Shanghai oil refinery and attached a communication, it is he and I have to check relevant information on the Internet. "In general may worry that online buying art of authenticity, but with my years of study and appreciation ability, decided that a high level of art cannot be falsified." This painting techniques to show the river oil refineries in the backdrop of the sunset, is quiet and comfortable.
At present, Xu Guowei has collected more than 200 "old painting". He says he never value their appreciation of the space, also have no plan to change hands, at the present stage mainly focus on research, and promote them. He sorted by "list of China's early western painters dictionary", includes 6597, 1930 years ago, born of the painter of western fine arts creation, forthcoming in the near future.
As a shandong person, Xu Guowei has the responsibility to contribute to the shandong painter work for research and collection, at the same time, according to the shandong works depicting the local conditions and customs are also made him excited. He told the reporters, xu beihong "female driver" is one of his favorite works "old oil painting", this is xu beihong 1951 to shandong weifang LinQu sketch creation of a painting. After the founding of new China to advocate equality between men and women, and women active in social reality, status has been got strong support in paintings.
The "old painting" what is the overall situation of collection? Xu Guowei introduction, some 20 years ago, and a lot of people in Taiwan, oil painting studio offer top portrait painting overseas due to earlier contact with western thought, from the mainland to buy hides large quantities of the older generation painter's works. Now China's many fine arts institutions is improved on the visibility, sales volume and turnover show clear rising trend. Xu beihong's "slave and lion" in Christie's autumn in Hong Kong in 2006, sold more than 5000 records. Hong Kong in 2011 Mr Roaf spring, sanyu "five naked women" of 128.32 million HongKong dollar prices. "These auction record from the side reflects the more attention to the value of early Chinese paintings. But for now, custom house portrait painting USA the influence of the native Chinese first generation of oil painters and their works of market prices and its value is not perfectly match."
Xu Guowei suggestion, before collection "old oil painting", must first be knowledge reserves, strengthen the understanding of the related historical documents, familiar with the painter's artistic style, in addition, still need to ask experts in the field. "In my early years' old painting collection, hard to avoid can also buy a fake. After years of research, I summed up the experiences and lessons of the true, improve the level of identification, the future may be in 'the old oil painting' published a book on the authenticity of identification problem, share with collector.

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