I was his strong color of painting and attracted by imagination that kind of fantasy

08/11/2013 23:57


I was his strong color of painting and attracted by imagination that kind of fantasy

He painted the casual ease, completely custom wedding portrait different from traditional academic painting way, don't follow the rules of traditional realism oil painting painting. He didn't seem to care what is oil painting and traditional paintings should follow those techniques, but put yourself in the form of the painting and his creation is painting a picture of formal beauty and subjective vent in the heart of the world. Pan Wenyi pictures to a school of painting the rigidity of the program, less so in many colleges and universities pay attention to the experience of technique and the limitation of professional steps, this process makes him to ignore the rules of traditional painting, it can more freely express individuality, make him in painting can be more pure original impulse and visual experience, are much less exposed to the form at home and free. This may be the beauty of his painting appealing. If want to say what is his style of painting, so I think his painting is prefer to expressionism technique, through fantasy or means of restoring ancient ways beyond reality highlighting your personal space.
In the process of contact Pan Wenyi, I feel this is an art, and simple and happy life. Life in him as easily as enjoying music is pure, writing is like a fantastic wonderful journey. His works are in the fantasy world, the picture is whether custom pet portrait characters or environment from another world, free from the reality. His paintings are often give beaming, chaoyang atmosphere and to celebrate the joy of the heart of the new millennium, a better life. But not blindly joy, his picture is rich, have the field song, bar between the world of mortals of glitz and buddhist meaning of life. Give a person the visual impulse, rich and varied and can reach the inner childlike innocence. And the power source is not material is novel, or elaborate techniques; His expression of inner impulse frankness and direct, brush the walking process like verbal communication is pure and fresh and natural, rich rhythm of picture level, comparative and intense tie-in colour, and jump from the specious image of strange species. Colour the torrent of be vividly portrayed, pure and fresh style and unique imagination also became his unique artistic style.
Pan Wenyi painting of contemporary art are not popular flat style, his each painting has a thick brush strokes, like to use a special oil painting skin texture effect of the volume of a performance object, quantity and qualitative change, the canvas of the legacy of brush and paint more thick can show the colorful and pure. He likes to use when painting palette knife instead of the brush, use "build by laying bricks or stones" instead of the "brush" brush touch, in layers of color rendering and brush overlying appeared in each other the expressive force of oil paints and image texture, more readily dripping wet. It is so, thick, plump Pan Wenyi paintings. Message again however, cleverness and the content. He is easy to play and tonal mentality is wanton dancing repeatedly draw knife, a variety of color mark through painting knife drag, according to besmear, wipe, free and easy to make the picture level rich and full at will like notes on a piece of romantic realm

If you include oil painting, colors and good oil painting works of wu guanzhong two colors, 2005 millions, and the price is the total oil painting is 9 pieces. It is worth noting that the 9 pieces are classic (oil painting, red classics), contemporary oil painting works did not appear a such a high price