Green with contemporary art exhibition a little cool is painting of nearly ten million

15/11/2013 16:53


Green with contemporary art exhibition a little cool is painting of nearly ten million

2009 context spirit, the Chinese version - nanjing "and" contemporary art is scheduled for this month 14 shogunate in nanjing east road on the kiln village art at three o 'clock in the afternoon at the park green and contemporary art gallery opening. According to organizers, exhibition of ten painter mediaedge: cia and Wang Huaiqing, Xu Jiang, Tan Ping, qi hai ping, JingShiJian, Gu Liming, square white, Liu Guofu, GeZhen, mostly enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad. Among them, the Wang custom portrait painting Huaiqing, mediaedge: cia and the price of each picture has a few artists almost never.
A painting close to do? This sounds a bit "cool". Reporter in an interview that Wang Huaiqing work very early into the gallery, the primary market in the 1990 s with overseas gallery began promoting his work. Later, some of the gallery in Asia are comprehensive agent his work. In 2006 sotheby's Hong Kong autumn auction, Wang Huaiqing in a four of the banquet figure series "(2006), a high price of 5.825 million yuan. Mediaedge: cia is the recent market prices rise more rapidly in one of the abstract painter. Since 2007, his work was the universal recognition of the market, Shanghai wu sheng autumn auction launched "dong qichang plan - 5" (2007) clinch a deal the price of 3.976 million yuan. And this batch of artists in the art market in recent years are doing well. In another development, during the exhibition will also be a high level of academic research. The domestic famous critics take part in the seminar: jia ark, Zou Yuejin, LuHong, shu, 39:1098, etc. In December the exhibition will also move exhibition Beijing caochangdi art beauty foundation

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