Chinese american artist will go to Shanghai for flow color painting

18/11/2013 17:49


Chinese american artist will go to Shanghai for flow color painting

Liu than China in New York on April 8, is introduced to the media his flow color painting, and as the New York area only is my pleasure to custom oil painting invited to the exhibition of Chinese artist.
Chinese-american artist liu than China at the invitation of Shanghai international art fair, will take more than 30 of his flow oil painting exhibition in Shanghai. This session of Shanghai international art exhibition held in conjunction with China's Shanghai world expo. Liu April 8, the graph is introduced to the media in New York than China his flow color painting, and as the New York area only is my pleasure to invited to the exhibition of Chinese artist.
Noun explanation:
1. The flow color painting:
"Flow" painting method is liu than China after ten years of creation and research, from the traditional Chinese painting calligraphy "splash-ink" development and original creation of a new, the combination of Chinese and western, unprecedented. "Flow" painting method is the use of western oil painting materials, combined with traditional Chinese techniques, is the development and innovation of western painting techniques, pet portrait painting and add new meaning to western painting and new style. As a great innovation in painting technology and invention, liu than China's "flow painting method" has been approved by the painting creation patent technology.
2. Liu than China:
LIU (English name ARTHUR b. LIU) than China queen academies, founded in 1998, THE AMERICAN New York empress academies dean (OF QUEENS ART EDUCATION CENTER NY.), THE INTERNATIONAL lions CLUB member (INTERNATIONAL LION CLUB.), THE New York CHINESE chamber OF commerce member (FCBA), AMERICAN ART union members (THE NATIONAL ART economic OF USA), PRESIDENT OF New York empress academies ART SALON (OF QUEENS ART EDUCATION CENTER ART SALON), THE CHINESE ARTISTS ASSOCIATION, CHINESE AMERICAN ARTISTS SOCIETY), New York, USA and piano chess will be director (CHINESE CULTURAL ART ASSOCIATION).
In November 2001, liu than China to participate in the "league of American art exhibition", was awarded a prize of excellent works. In May 2002 he took part in the United States Houston held "world peace art competition" gold medal. Liu's original color painting "flow" than China in June 2005 by the U.S. Patent Office "new drawing method - flow color painting" patent (US - 2005-0042580 - A1).
Professional achievements, because liu than China in February 2006, he won the New York City government awarded the "outstanding citizen award" and the state of New York issued "honorary citizen award". Won the New York state legislature in February 2007, awarded "outstanding achievement award". In December 2007, won the New York City council awarded "outstanding contribution award"can need not with a straight face, it portrait painting can also like the art players live blowing beard dengwenjing

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