Chengdu poetry menservants auctions on spring auction 2009 oil painting came

06/11/2013 00:15

Chengdu poetry menservants auctions on spring auction 2009 oil painting came

. Preview the scene in the auction, both full of beautiful things in the traditional Chinese painting works, there is also a delicate and exquisite art paintings. Poetry male and the sale of the home is given priority to with traditional oil painting studio class art auction, and part of contemporary oil painting is only in the form of the exhibition.
According to staff, poetry house home part of the contemporary oil painting exhibition, I mainly choose realistic art of middle-aged and young artists, are also luo zhongli, zhou chunya, PangMaoKun, Gao Xiaohua small canvas of home of contemporary art. Zhou chunya two early sketch painting, of them have sell at a price of around 30000 yuan a. These small canvas works tend to be more realistic style, in the art market is relatively stable, the prices on the less vulnerable to the impact of economic crisis. And small oil painting is both elegant and practical, can not only as an art collection, it can also be collectors are really take it out on their own, in the bedroom is the ideal choice for investment collection.
Many auction houses have been reversed in chengdu spring auction 2009 art, as the oldest art institutions in chengdu, once again proved its correct positioning, and management strength

return oil painting works. After the court hearing, in shenyang two newspapers, all at the same time appeared close to a version of the oil painting advertisement, content or the painting, the transfer floor oil painting price of $20.06 million, same as no Dong Guoli name