Beyond art- Zhang Pengye "walker" series oil painting

25/11/2013 16:20


Beyond art- Zhang Pengye "walker" series oil painting

We today the world is full of consumer's temperament, the material imagination has expanded into a myth of the world, dominates the spiritual desire of the majority. But the heart was asphyxia, locked in the narrow space. Admittedly, the prosperity custom oil painting of daily life, than a metaphysical empty and nothing is demonstrably is a real happiness and progress, but it is still a way of lame. The spirit of the rich, no wealth empire could collapse destroyed in an instant. This false prosperity, about daily life does not bring in the true sense of human progress. In the contemporary art in the category of epistemology, meaning more from reflection to the social problems. The expression of daily life is unavoidable theme of art since 1990 s. With the creation of the art direction, gaudy orientation because natural anastomosis and consumption in the world of social psychology, ridiculously reached its zenith. We are in the face of almost any developing country must face the difficulties, from the muzzle of the side effects of social modernity and associated with the proliferation of vulgar art.
Zhang Pengye art related to this choice, he didn't have the art we faced a crisis denied everyday meaning of art. Social progress needs to implement to ordinary people's life, will surely is a form of spiritual realization. Understanding the real significance in daily life, therefore, need time of fermentation, the new problems in the torture oil painting supplier of memory is to awaken, which may show our reality of regret and loss, and give out a heterogeneous negative force.
In the "walker" series oil painting, Zhang Pengye fully show the artist's wisdom. He through history, thinking about the daily life extension to his early experience, it was a gloomy s in republic of growth. We have proudly claim to be the kingdom of bicycles, bicycle as everyone's traffic transportation, also was a symbol of wealth, and perhaps even some people daily life meaning all enrichment. Bicycle in Zhang Pengye picture, is not a luxury car in front of a dwarf, it proudly in front of tiananmen, witnessed the country every day the rising sun.
It is this walk proud, make it in context, the consumption of the Zhang Pengye art, is a kind of beyond the reality. Wilderness of secular, and thought, the mind in such anxiety has reduced into a shell body. And when a beyond suddenly appeared, such as bicycle type given by the Zhang Pengye walk, both from the ordinary people's life, and both plain and noble spirit, face the reality of critical significance are naturally. Art, is the power of a kind of redemption in Zhang Pengye eyes.
In the context of art of surreal, across time and space, bicycle symbols as a historical memory and the reality of the existence of legacy, and sparkles in busy but a false reality highlights is based on the social significance of aesthetic salvation, is the social progress, including the most bottom appeal and hope. Walk walk walk art comes from life, life gives Zhang Pengye grand vision. He is growing up in the north of China painter, also can saying is to the success of the cars instead of bicycles early painter. And then moved to the United States seven years of ocean the other shore. He from the most real personal experience into the profound social experience, and make it into a directed towards society and art crisis negative power of art

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