Believe that many people are used to have a childhood dream to be an artist

20/11/2013 15:22


Believe that many people are used to have a childhood dream to be an artist

To open a small gallery, put on some soft sofa, with a cup of hot coffee waiting for friends to tasting. Maybe, because professional and financial, this dream was once lost in the corridors of time, but now, the art of love you may be able to fulfill your dreams. At present, a group called the western route "digital oil painting is quietly risen in the streets of guangzhou, exactly how their status quo and prospect of what? Let's find out.
Digital painting has emerged
"I bought a digital painting, playing can alleviate the pressure of work, at ordinary times much more interesting than cross-stitch." Recently, a friend to be bestowed favor on newly found relief work pressure, and even bought as a gift for a friend.
Recently, the reporter visited the streets of guangzhou several digital painting shop and find this emerging industry in less than a year has been sadly arisen, in tianhe district has 5, 6, this shop, and this data is constantly being refreshed. Reporter saw, in the days of henan, within a district, a digital painting shop looks quite a bit of art gallery quiet taste, store decoration and decoration are "rocks", in addition to have a spacious hall, also has a balcony on the second floor loft type and shape of the young girl sitting on the sofa a few white-collar pick painting while chatting.
, according to the shopkeeper MaiXiaoJie digital oil painting is a focus on personalized fashion products, not only has the handicraft art, also the function of children's intelligence development and cultivation of art strength. A digital painting DIY bag with all kinds of paints, brushes, frame, cloth, and even support, market popular fabric accessories, look at the Numbers marked drawing board and, in turn, fill in the picture, can DIY. Without basic drawing, even of van gogh's "sunflower", miller of the ear collector masters paintings, can also through the digital paintings drawn. Of world famous photo to painting and landscape of the most popular, because, after the completion of the drawing can be a bedroom to decorate.
Near the university, miss lu half a year ago also opened a digital painting shop. Reporter saw in the shop, a set of digital painting contains the original cloth drawing board, such as environmental protection coating and brush material, prices ranging from $25 to 200 yuan.
According to miss lu, now the store sometimes sell two or three big painting a day, sometimes sold more than a dozen small painting, about ten people buy every day, on average, come to appreciate, consultation, these exquisite painting guest, is difficult to count

and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover art of more than 541 art million yuan