Autumn special covers 17 famous masterpiece painting sculpture as clouds

15/11/2013 16:49


Autumn special covers 17 famous masterpiece painting sculpture as clouds

2009 autumn season is open, if the spring auction wins in the market in a surprisingly unpreparedness approach has led to everyone's portrait painting imagination, then this autumn aspect is that the market will with what attitude to deal with everyone's imagination, auction companies go all out, through their own items, to express the understanding of the present market and look forward to.
November 18 to 23, covering 17, altogether will present lots of more than 6600 Chinese autumn will debut at the Beijing international hotel, since last week announced the Chinese modem and contemporary calligraphy and painting, porcelain, jade, pottery stone and jewelry &jadeite performance items, today, we will continue to launch special painting sculpture, ancient rare books, stamps, COINS, etc the essence of the items, share with the masses of collectors.
Oil painting sculpture
Famous masterpiece gathered
In recent years, a lot of contemporary art of record auction, so her autumn special painting sculpture is the top priority of this auction. It is understood that the this category will launch more than 200 items. In traditional painting, oil painting reproductions launched Fang Junbi 40 or 50 s two high-quality goods "the flower of love," in the corner of old Beijing palace ". Traditional realistic works, have ai no echo of wilderness, Guo Runwen "encounter", ChaoGe quiet MoBei, Chen's "Taipei's palace version - as well as landscape painting" and "green stool" and so on will appear. The Chen's works have a total of four pieces of exquisite appearance, respectively, the Hudson River in 1984 and 1984, "lying naked", 1999 "whisper" and "water". And part of contemporary oil painting, yan pei-ming caled, luo zhongli, li shan, zhu wei, fang lijun, artists such as zeng fanzhi's important works are presented.
At the same time, the Chinese special sculpture series the continue to set sail, focusing on the northeast, at the same time together the excellent sculpture artist boutique nationwide.
Ancient rare books
You may debut many celebrities
The special ancient rare books altogether will launch more than 210 items, more for the famous old Tibetan, illustrious tag fine thing in the world. Past ancient rare book collectors are mostly focused on the Wen Wuxing value of collection, in time and evaluating items, and 09 spring "Hu Shicun YouPeng letters" caused much attention of the market, illustrates the ancient rare books Wen Xianxing value is also very important, this year's autumn sales, she collected many celebrities continued, most of them publicly for the first time

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