Anhui paintings make record, hefei art add brilliance

20/11/2013 14:57


Anhui paintings make record, hefei art add brilliance

From Beijing winter salesroom just sent a message: hefei academy chief LingHuiTao - the walls on the discussion of the chicken or the egg "HanHai auction co., LTD. In Beijing auction, the price up to 2.688 million yuan, in anhui province fine arts oil painting reproductions auction record.
This picture is LingHuiTao avant-garde works in 1985: a absurdist drama, deduce the combination of historical experience and dreams.
This is not the first time that LingHuiTao auction record, as early as 2007 on May 31, another of his painting the hair has been an hour... Poly international auction company in Beijing "2007" the modern and contemporary Chinese arts spring evening auction, sold for $1.76 million at a stroke, when the anhui province fine arts highest record, none has surpassed. This year, a record was broken by his own.
This result is LingHuiTao did not expect, from a friend in a phone message to confirm after the fact, he's been inner peace. Because, in his mind, the artist's works of art can enter the market, and recognized by the society, of course is a good thing, but money is not the most important: "more incentives should I create a few can go down in history."
Pay more attention to some real events happened around, sensitive to the current social problems, it is the aim of the LingHuiTao portrait painting art creation. His eyes, not only on the side of the relatives and friends, the most main or the bottom of society, the civic life of the people question and so on. He once said: "as long as it is wise to think, bold attempt, a reflection of real, are reflected by the art of subject matter."
His paintings, in the walls on the discussion of the chicken or the egg "is truthfully reflect. In childhood, LingHuiTao grandfather and his companions had heard about what you row chicken-and-egg argument, so he put these debates with dreams of villagers, rely on to what he saw a fortune-telling blind the reality of the situation. Looking at a glance, and in the middle of the picture is sitting on a small bamboo chair of fortune-telling blind. Lying on the blind man's legs a wooden box, wooden box above are blind hands, one on the right hand lotion with dense white phalanx. Wall, skeletons, crowd, chicken, lying down boy, super realism camera, abrupt, straw hat, standing on the one hand, box boys in the neat cylinder vessels, etc. These individual elements, be LingHuiTao paints a fable about mind world.
In that just opened soon in the 80 s, the creation of works have been walking in the avant-garde, have to say that LingHuiTao is forward and independence as an artist. To this, he has his own comments: "the painter is like a lonely long-distance runners, exploration and innovation in his spirit. When you run a look back, should have some things, is can have confessed to himself, to the enterprise have a replacement."
LingHuiTao achievement is not an accident, a lot of familiar friends all know that he loves art, with full of passion, the most important is in addition to the innate sensitivity and understanding, and he read more at ordinary times, think much, do stuff accumulated a lot of knowledge, there is plenty of the accumulation of experience, and strong willpower. For example, the walls on the discussion of the chicken or the egg ", he drew three months, and the hair has been an hour... From conception to creation, he spent half a year's time

and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover art of more than 541 art million yuan