1300 north Korean painting border illegally arrested for smuggling art of husband and wife

28/11/2013 21:24


1300 north Korean painting border illegally arrested for smuggling art of husband and wife

Seoul police have arrested a Han Guojin name of ms in China, the woman was charged with illegal north Korean art into South Korea to sell. Reported that ms king, 46, is accused of violating law prohibited goods circulation between the two countries, through international cruise in secret and personal travel illegally smuggled nearly 1300 pieces of paintings.
Ms king of north Korea's husband is also involved in the case of alleged use of "foreign employees support" on the committee to help ms king custom hand painted oil painting from china come into contact with these paintings. Many cases of smuggling works with more than 1000 artists from north Korea's official Wan Shoutai composed art studio painting, wood carving, sketches, drawings, embroidery and other works, they through some specific company convertible foreign currencies to sell abroad.
To help make security deal, ms king will sell half the profits back to the artist, at the same time also have to pay an annual fee of 8000 won every year, work through the network by 30000 to million ($28-900) sold to incheon, daejeon gallery, gwangju, etc.
Although in fact the role of ms king was identified as an illegal art dealers, but she took north Korean artists to they cannot reach the market, a commission from the sales profit, actually is broadly in line with a gallery and Chelsea. But she is not larry gagosian. She had done only let her have earned $27943, the average is now $24.5 a week

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total turnover of more than portrait painting by hand painted 541 million yuan hand art painting China painted oil painting